Uberedo-Organizing Uber Drivers-A Manifesto

UBER – Employee Driver Option – UBERedo – Written on the back of a napkin.

First and foremost. The application functionality would need to remain at least as transparent as it is right now with the drivers ability to set their own pricing multiplier based on Ubers current rider pricing model. That way if the market fluctuates drivers still have the option to adjust and maintain their individual multiplier level as they need, even if it means getting less rides and possibly losing full time status.

Here is how we can have a fleet of full time Uber drivers for those that want to be full time and garner benefits from Uber if they choose this as a reasonable agreement.

This is my 3 level solution that will allow for a driver to qualify as an AB5 Employee full-time or part-time while being able to maintain a relative amount of autonomy on when and how each driver works.

CORE AB5(full-time) – Diamond – 1800 points.

CORE AB5(part-time) – Platinum – 1200 points.

CASUAL Non – AB5 – IC – Below 1200 points.

Benefits accrued are unlocked once each level is achieved.

This plan will also allow for drivers that don’t have any desire for AB5 Employee classification. They can maintain a Casual status which would be the default of every new driver.

CORE AB5 Drivers will begin accruing benefits as they achieve to their desired level of employment beginning with point number 1 using the current point system with point premiums at peak times to fulfill demand.

Driver will then be able to begin allocating benefits on the first day of the 4th month after 3 months of maintaining their respective status, Diamond or Platinum.

Diamond level drivers begin receiving $(TBD) credit per point deposited into a fund that can be used in a cafeteria style benefits plan up to $(TBD) per month while diamond status is maintained. These credits can only be used within the cafeteria first and foremost for medical coverage. Whatever is left over up to the maximum can be invested in a 401k with a company stock option for up to 50% of investment credits.

For Diamond level drivers that already have medical benefits all of their point credits will be invested in a 401k with a company stock option for up to 50% of investment credits.

CASUAL Drivers(Independent Contractors) – [60%] – Using the current point system even casual drivers can and should receive access to benefits because the weight of the network rests just as much on their contribution.

Casual drivers will receive 60% of the total points they earn in the afore mentioned fund that can be invested in a 401k with a company stock option for up to 50% of investment credits.

Driver Organization – TBD…But I would like to think that we could somehow avoid costly levels of bureaucracy and red tape.

Driver Discipline – TBD


A Facebook Question

How many people that are reading this message understand the stuff I post about microbiology, about all of the fun stuff that we cannot see with our naked eyes?

I am going to publish some ideas I have based on what I have been learning and experiencing myself. I’ve found that I can write 1,000 words pretty easily. The question is how to get to 75,000 words without repeating myself or loosing the audience’s interest.

Any advice from my author friends would be greatly appreciated.

If there is anything that was a breakthrough that opened up the channels of success let me know.

ANSWER: Noah Anderson

I see three ways.

The first is to outline what you want to write about and flesh it out as you go. Synthesize all your thoughts into a single sentence and then branch out into single sentence sub-points. Break these down further (these are possibly your chapters). Continue this process as far as necessary, fleshing out more and more as you go. Boom. Book.

The second is to write a bunch of thousandish word essays and then see if you can draw connections between them. Once you have a bunch, organize them into subjects (Post-it note brainstorming can go a long way with this step). You will begin to see more of an outline and see where you need to add or take away. Boom. Book.

The third is to be either rich or famous and hire a ghost writer to do all the work for you.

Lichen Everywhere But?

Does this make sense? The following 3 paragraphs are the source for my question at the end. Thanks for playing…8)

Lichens often go unnoticed, but in environments where they are abundant, such as at high altitudes or along the coast, they attract our attention thanks to the colors they are adorned with. All palettes are then found from black to white and all shades of blue, green, yellow, orange or red.

As for the shapes, there is nothing more varied. Unlike higher plants, lichens have no roots, stems or leaves. Their vegetative apparatus, called thallus, is characterized by a great diversity of shapes and more or less complex aspects, fixed in various way on the most diverse substrates.

Lichens have colonized almost every environment from sea rocks to the highest altitudes, from arid deserts to high latitude regions. Only on the high seas, in highly polluted areas and on living animal tissues are they lacking.lichen everywhere

Lichens often go unnoticed, because they range from black to white and all shades of blue, green, yellow, orange or red. As for the shapes, there is nothing more varied. They live in various ways on the most diverse substrates.

Lichens have colonized almost every environment.

And then they say that they are lacking on living animal tissues?
What about lichen sclerosis, lichen planus and what about multiple sclerosis? Wouldn’t that be crazy if there were a soft tissue analog to this hybrid plant/animal thing called lichen…8)

What would be even better is if we could treat all human soft tissue overgrowths with something simple like vinegar.

Personal Project Thoughts

As a personal project I am trying to remove all evidence of aging from my body. It is a daunting task to say the least. I’ve been working on it for a good three years now and have no plans of changing course.

This is my new life.

Three years ago my skin was in bad shape from head to toe. I had not been acting responsibly as caretaker of my body and time and bad decisions took their pound of flesh. Literally.

Fortunately for me I was sober-minded enough to start making enough right decisions to start making forward progress. Progress towards a renewed and recovered life.

My body(vessel) was speaking to me loud and clear and I listened. I removed all sugar and candy. I even jettisoned fruit for about 18 months. That really gave my body a good shove in the right direction. Time to clean out the inside of the vessel…8)
After eighteen months I removed all things mammal from my diet. I will on rare occasion eat a little beef. But even that has been a while and I may not again. So 90% vegan and 10% fish and foul. And of course chewing all food to liquid before drinking it…8)

And then there is the outside of the vessel.

Boy that’s been a rough one. Our body likes balance and when you start cleaning out the inside it would seem that it wants to do the same on thee outside.

Over the last three years depending on the condition of my skin I have tried every imaginable means by which to clean my body. What I have found works best for me is one that allows my skins natural fats, oils and microbial life do their job of taking care of the outside with as little interference from me. Right now a 20+ minute deep soak in hot water with a cup of epsom salts, a cup of baking soda and 1/2 cup of borax. I do this once every fourth day. There’s always wipes for those…Not so fresh moments…LoL. And of course the shower is always on standby. And man is it relaxing. And my skin has never felt or looked better to me anyways.

One of the reasons for the gap is to create an environment where my skin is drawing moisture from the inside out as well as more efficient at sloughing off old skin cells and debris.

Another practice I find very beneficial is not sticking my finger in my ears, eyes, nose, or mouth. I pretty much don’t touch above my neck unless absolutely necessary. It’s a win win situation all around. My finger nails look manicured all the time now and the skin on my face is the best it has ever looked.

My AT&T Position – 08/03/2020

I am an atheist regarding any god that man has yet defined its parameters and named. However, the more I study microbiology, virology and parasitism the more I believe that there is only one consciousness and that we each have varying degrees of access to it. The variance being the cleanliness of the vessel that temporarily houses the soul.

My current suspicion is that at some point my vessel will lose its viability as a host to the other 90% of the cells that make up and support but are not human and the other 99% of the DNA on this host. Because we all die yo…LoL

At this point I suspect that what we call ‘our’ consciousness will be set free from this temporary vessel and reunited with the greater consciousness without hindrance. This is from testimonies of people who have flatlined for far too long and revived. Without fail they all firstly ask the doctor why they brought them back. That they finally had felt accepted and at peace, and that being revived was actually a let down. WTF?

To me it doesn’t matter what the first cause was. Who knows?

I have a feeling we are someday going to find out that we have many other lifeforms throughout the galaxies that are based on the same viral DNA that folded our first protein into sentience. A sentience that had a will to live and create.

It took atheism and microbiology to make me so pro-life that I can hardly kill an ant without feeling grief.

I choose to create life at each and every turn because I know there will be reward be it experienced directly by me after my life or by my offspring that continue on after me.

I believe we came from the microbes(dust) of the earth(soil) and to the soil our microbes will return to continue living on in eternity…8). Survival of the fittest is the test. If we do well they, the 99%, keep us around longer. If we, the 1% do poorly, they take us down in a heap of sepsis.

We speak therefore we think

Examples of microbial intelligence


  • Tetra ThermaBacterial biofilms can emerge through the collective behavior of thousands or millions of cells.
  • Biofilms formed by Bacillus subtilis can use electric signals (ion transmission) to synchronize growth so that the innermost cells of the biofilm do not starve.
  • Under nutritional stress bacterial colonies can organize themselves in such a way so as to maximize nutrient availability.
  • Bacteria reorganize themselves under antibiotic stress.
  • Bacteria can swap genes (such as genes coding antibiotic resistance) between members of mixed species colonies.
  • Individual cells of myxobacteria coordinate to produce complex structures or move as social entities. Myxobacteria move and feed cooperatively in predatory groups, known as swarms or wolf packs, with multiple forms of signalling.
  • Populations of bacteria use quorum sensing to judge their own densities and change their behaviors accordingly. This occurs in the formation of biofilms, infectious disease processes, and the light organs of bobtail squid.
  • For any bacterium to enter a host’s cell, the cell must display receptors to which bacteria can adhere and be able to enter the cell. Some strains of E. coli are able to internalize themselves into a host’s cell even without the presence of specific receptors as they bring their own receptor to which they then attach and enter the cell.
  • Under nutrient limitation, some bacteria transform into endospores to resist heat and dehydration.
  • A huge array of microorganisms have the ability to overcome being recognized by the immune system as they change their surface antigens so that any defense mechanisms directed against previously present antigens are now useless with the newly expressed ones.
  • In April 2020 it was reported that collectives of bacteria have a membrane potential-based form of working memory. When scientists shone light onto a biofilm of bacteria optical imprints lasted for hours after the initial stimulus as the light-exposed cells responded differently to oscillations in membrane potentials due to changes to their potassium channels.

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Reflections of a Cancer

So I have kinda been working on a personal improvement experiment for the last 3 years. Just 3 years ago I found myself itching from head to toe, feeling like I was wearing a wet 2/3 wetsuit. My skin just felt really weird. It was a lot like what I was experiencing in 2012 when I thought I had a gluten allergy. Quit eating gluten and I felt better for a while. Looking back I think the lack of grains in my diet led to a number of other nutrient and vitamin deficiencies that led to another acute reaction in August 2017.

So after a lifetime of a lot of less than responsible dietary decisions I made some drastic changes and have been on a cleansing diet journey for the last 35 months. It has been more than a journey; an exploration of a handful of diets. I kinda thought why not try a few different things to see what the results would be.

Fasting for 25 days taught me amazing things about my body. Not sure I will ever do it again outside of a professional retreat type environment. Like down in Costa Rica or Beliz.

14 months into my lifestyle change and many painful hours dealing with some pretty gnarly skin problems I met an older gentleman and his wife that I picked up at LAX for a 45 minute ride.

We began sharing health experiences and quickly found ourselves talking about a lot of the same things. His wife kept saying that it sounded like I had what he had. That thing is Mycosis fungoides. It is the most common form of a type of blood cancer called cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. That kind of took the wind out of my sails.

COVID-19, Quorum Sensing and group gatherings

Quorum sensing is a regulatory mechanism that enables bacteria to make collective decisions with respect to the expression of a specific set of viral instructions which can be related to virulence factors.

This is why outdoor gatherings and outdoor activities in general are safer than indoor gatherings.

We live with countless billions of bacteria on this planet that do the bidding of viral instructions where indoor gatherings like churches, schools, bars, care facilities and theaters make quorum much easier to be achieved.

There is just no good reason to put yourself in a place where quorum could be achieved. And being outside is a good place to avoid that. Or at least keep some windows open and fresh air blowing through.

Maureen O’Malley

PDF – Philosophy of microbiology

Philosophical Microbiology – My research in the recent past (2005–2015) is summarized on this page. My current research addresses three main topics, all part of a broader effort to develop a philosophy of microbiology. If a single simple research question could unify these three themes, it might be ‘How do microbes explain?’

This talk was presented at the Sackler colloquium Symbioses becoming permanent: The origins and evolutionary trajectories of organelles held October 15-17, 2014 in Irvine, CA. Organized by W. Ford Doolittle (Dalhousie University), Patrick Keeling (University of British Columbia), and John McCutcheon (University of Montana), the meeting was co-sponsored by Canadian Institute for Advanced Research