Uberedo-Organizing Uber Drivers-A Manifesto

UBER – Employee Driver Option – UBERedo – Written on the back of a napkin.

First and foremost. The application functionality would need to remain at least as transparent as it is right now with the drivers ability to set their own pricing multiplier based on Ubers current rider pricing model. That way if the market fluctuates drivers still have the option to adjust and maintain their individual multiplier level as they need, even if it means getting less rides and possibly losing full time status.

Here is how we can have a fleet of full time Uber drivers for those that want to be full time and garner benefits from Uber if they choose this as a reasonable agreement.

This is my 3 level solution that will allow for a driver to qualify as an AB5 Employee full-time or part-time while being able to maintain a relative amount of autonomy on when and how each driver works.

CORE AB5(full-time) – Diamond – 1800 points.

CORE AB5(part-time) – Platinum – 1200 points.

CASUAL Non – AB5 – IC – Below 1200 points.

Benefits accrued are unlocked once each level is achieved.

This plan will also allow for drivers that don’t have any desire for AB5 Employee classification. They can maintain a Casual status which would be the default of every new driver.

CORE AB5 Drivers will begin accruing benefits as they achieve to their desired level of employment beginning with point number 1 using the current point system with point premiums at peak times to fulfill demand.

Driver will then be able to begin allocating benefits on the first day of the 4th month after 3 months of maintaining their respective status, Diamond or Platinum.

Diamond level drivers begin receiving $(TBD) credit per point deposited into a fund that can be used in a cafeteria style benefits plan up to $(TBD) per month while diamond status is maintained. These credits can only be used within the cafeteria first and foremost for medical coverage. Whatever is left over up to the maximum can be invested in a 401k with a company stock option for up to 50% of investment credits.

For Diamond level drivers that already have medical benefits all of their point credits will be invested in a 401k with a company stock option for up to 50% of investment credits.

CASUAL Drivers(Independent Contractors) – [60%] – Using the current point system even casual drivers can and should receive access to benefits because the weight of the network rests just as much on their contribution.

Casual drivers will receive 60% of the total points they earn in the afore mentioned fund that can be invested in a 401k with a company stock option for up to 50% of investment credits.

Driver Organization – TBD…But I would like to think that we could somehow avoid costly levels of bureaucracy and red tape.

Driver Discipline – TBD