My AT&T Position – 08/03/2020

I am an atheist regarding any god that man has yet defined its parameters and named. However, the more I study microbiology, virology and parasitism the more I believe that there is only one consciousness and that we each have varying degrees of access to it. The variance being the cleanliness of the vessel that temporarily houses the soul.

My current suspicion is that at some point my vessel will lose its viability as a host to the other 90% of the cells that make up and support but are not human and the other 99% of the DNA on this host. Because we all die yo…LoL

At this point I suspect that what we call ‘our’ consciousness will be set free from this temporary vessel and reunited with the greater consciousness without hindrance. This is from testimonies of people who have flatlined for far too long and revived. Without fail they all firstly ask the doctor why they brought them back. That they finally had felt accepted and at peace, and that being revived was actually a let down. WTF?

To me it doesn’t matter what the first cause was. Who knows?

I have a feeling we are someday going to find out that we have many other lifeforms throughout the galaxies that are based on the same viral DNA that folded our first protein into sentience. A sentience that had a will to live and create.

It took atheism and microbiology to make me so pro-life that I can hardly kill an ant without feeling grief.

I choose to create life at each and every turn because I know there will be reward be it experienced directly by me after my life or by my offspring that continue on after me.

I believe we came from the microbes(dust) of the earth(soil) and to the soil our microbes will return to continue living on in eternity…8). Survival of the fittest is the test. If we do well they, the 99%, keep us around longer. If we, the 1% do poorly, they take us down in a heap of sepsis.

I Holobiont

My science fiction short story for the morning…8) – “I Holobiont.”

The term “holobiont” literally means the host living along with other species of bionts as a single entity, in other words, the interaction of the host with the microbiome.

I enjoy the sentiment of being created in the image and likeness of God.

You see, 90% of our cells are not human. My body is not my own. 99% of my DNA is not human. I am the least of these my brethren. We are a polymicrobial holobiont. We are Legion. We come from the dust of the earth and will return to it because that is what we are. We are made in the image of our god who crafted us out of the dust of the earth. He made us each a garden, and gave us each a soul to constrain us.

When the time came the creator filled us with the breath of life and communication began. It was a whisper at first but became a still small voice in chorus as all of the processes of this new creature began working in harmony, quorum was being achieved. First amongst individuals but also amongst species and even across kingdoms. The first Adam.

You see, this body is a home but it is not my own. It is ours by which together we live and move and have our being. It is a garden that we are steward over and our role is to attend to this garden. For we have been given dominion over it. This garden is the temple of God in which he dwells. Not only in me but in all of us. Some are just and others are not, but he provides for them just the same. For they are all members of one body, one flesh and one spirit.