A Facebook Question

How many people that are reading this message understand the stuff I post about microbiology, about all of the fun stuff that we cannot see with our naked eyes?

I am going to publish some ideas I have based on what I have been learning and experiencing myself. I’ve found that I can write 1,000 words pretty easily. The question is how to get to 75,000 words without repeating myself or loosing the audience’s interest.

Any advice from my author friends would be greatly appreciated.

If there is anything that was a breakthrough that opened up the channels of success let me know.

ANSWER: Noah Anderson

I see three ways.

The first is to outline what you want to write about and flesh it out as you go. Synthesize all your thoughts into a single sentence and then branch out into single sentence sub-points. Break these down further (these are possibly your chapters). Continue this process as far as necessary, fleshing out more and more as you go. Boom. Book.

The second is to write a bunch of thousandish word essays and then see if you can draw connections between them. Once you have a bunch, organize them into subjects (Post-it note brainstorming can go a long way with this step). You will begin to see more of an outline and see where you need to add or take away. Boom. Book.

The third is to be either rich or famous and hire a ghost writer to do all the work for you.